Healthy snacks and random May favs

June 08, 2015

Hello little cherries!

As you may know, it's really hot in Spain now (it's almost summer help us!) and because of that, I tried to be healthy and social. So now I'm going to show you a pair of snacks I did a while ago.

The first one are some carrots. So here's the thing: It's super simple and easy, and just because of that, no one does it. I went to the beach the other day with a good friend of mine and I decided to bring some carrots instead of chips, at first my friend laugh because she never saw someone at the beach with carrots ( like WTF!) but once we sarted eating she though that it was a good idea. And It is! Just because it's really easy, healthy and fresh.

All I did was peeling, cleaning and cutting them, it looked like this:

Another thing i recently did was a easy and fresh smoothie, I used blackberries, banana, yougurt and Ice and it ended up looking like this (It tasted really nice I swear): 


So this is really simple that's why I'm including some of my faves songs, youtubers and artist of May...

Talking about music:

So, I discovered a young man called Max, you may know him, you may not but I swear he sings B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and why noy, he's really handsome too (even though what really gets me it's his voice). I'm going to attach here his youtube channel If you want to check it out : Max Schneider's channel 
Another singer/raper (whatever you want to call him) I've been enjoying is Hoodie Allen I really like his songs... If you don't know him I recomend you to listen some of his songs like All about it with Ed,  Movie, No Interruption...

Songs I've been loving: 

- Gibberish - Max (ft. Hoodie Allen)
- Movie - Hoodie Allen
- -Style - Taylor Swift
- Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
- Talking About - Conor Maynard

Oh and CAN WE TALK ABOUT ALL TIME LOW'S ALBUM?! It is reaaaaalllyyy cool! My faves songs so far might be "Satellite" "Kicking & Screaming" "Conderblock Garden" "Dancing with a Wolf " and "Bail Me Out" oh and "Old Scars/Future Hearts"... well... pretty much all the album lol. 

Talking about Youtube:

You may don't know it but I'm a little bit (WAY TOO MUCH) obssesed with Youtubers, I can't tell you just 5 favorites so I'm just going to say the one's I've been watching the most and what kind of videos they do (just in case you don't know them):

ConnorFranta : I think he's a really cute human being and I used to be in love with O2L and since then I still adore him. His videos are pretty random actually, mostly chatty ones. I don't know, just check him out already!
velvetgh0st (AKA Gabriella) : She's one of my favorites youtubers actually, Her videos are mostly about make up and beauty stuff and I love them! And her vlog channel is pretty rad too to be honest, So if you're into beauty videos and random vlogs, you should check her out. 
ThatcherJoe (AKA Joe Sugg): He is hilarious, his pranks to his roommate (And youtuber too) Caspar Lee are funny and crazy as f***, all his videos are funny actually so If you wanna have a laugh, watch his videos.
zoella280390 (AKA Zoe Sugg): She's really famous now but I've been watching her vieos for AGES and i adore her, she's cute and funny. Her videos are about beauty but she also has a vlog channel and her dailyvlogs are stunning. check her out!

Ok, I sound like a commercial but it's just that i enjoy their videos a lot and I could go on hours talking about youtubers but it would be really boring for you for sure. 

That's all for today's post, I hope you enjoy it. If you want me to keep posting some of my favorite random things and keep talking about random things, no doubt to comment down below!

PD: add me on Snapchat and ig if you feel like it : africaouass (I actually spent a lot of time there)

Talk to you soon!


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