November Moments

December 01, 2015

Hello you! Hope you're having a nice time! I can't believe it's actually the first of December! Time flies and now it's almost christmas and i'm loving it!

As you may know in London Christmas ALWAYS comes early and I feel it's been a while since i write a post so i''m just gonna chat about all the cool things that I did this month.

I'm gonna start talking about the day I MET 2/4 OF THE VAMPS MEMBERS *ok, let's calm down* but yeah, first I went to their Fanfest *were i met some lovely girls too* and then in the same week we went to the BBC Radio 1 to try and meet them. The fact is that a lot of girls were acting stupid and osrry but they were being idiots and i hated that, but Connor and Tristan were so lovely i just can't believe that actually happened: 

Another thing is that i went to the Caspar&Joe's Hit The Road premiere and even though that wasn't that good at all because it was full of people and we were standing on a rock trying to see them, it was fun! It was fun because I met there with two super funny girls and we had a lovely lunch in Nando's and i don't know it was cool to finally spend time with someone.

So, i think it's the last thing, it happened this sunday, London is amazing at night and Winter Wonderland it's just another world. I went there with my new friend and it was raining lots and it was really windy but we still had a good time and that same day, in the afternoon, we saw Caspar and Joe on the HMV signing. I went there in the morning and saw a lot of girls making a superlong queue and i didn't know what was happening until i realised they were there and we weren't able to have a sign or even a picture or anything but we saw them leaving the shop and it was really funny. To see all of this, you can go to my new Vlog on my Youtube channel:

And i think this is all.... It seems so small but this is what keeps me happy about being here... London it's a lovely place and i'm sad that i'm leaving it (hopefully temporarly) in 2 weeks...  I need to be home, i miss it a lot and I need to leave this place as soon as possible... the only thing is this little moments, this city, that's what I don't want to lose. 

But yeah, I hope you have a nice time, and that your christmas is lovely, i'll try and post before that but just in case.

love, Africa


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