What I wore in Poland

May 23, 2017

As you may or may not know (I talked about it in my last post) at the start of the month I went to Poland. (I may write another post about it - this time about Poznan- not sure yet.). So I feel like talking about the outfits I wore.

 Poland is colder than Barcelona so even tho I went kind of prepared, my friend had to let me her jacket(which I feel in love with) and I really liked my outfits, even tho I spent 4-5 days there, I only have pictures of 2 because we kind of chilled out as well haha.


This first outfit was the one I went in and the pictures were Taken in Warsaw. To be honest with you, my clothes are from local shops from Barcelona or old so I'll try to find similar ones in case you like something.


Jacket: This jacket it's oooooh so comfy and soft! It's actually from a Supermarket (that also sells clothes) IT's called Carrefour, I don't know if you know it, but it's actually really well made and It's perfect for this kind of weather (not too cold for a huge jacket, but not hot enough for a cardigan). I found similar ones HERE and HERE

Jumper: This black jumper/sweater (however you call it), it's actually my favourite. I wear it all the time because it's comfy, it looks good with EVERYTHING (I mean obviously, it's plain black) and I love dark clothes so.... it's a win-win situation tbh.I love it's neck too btw, it's not a long neck but it's not a regular one either. It's from H&M, and here's a similar one, even I'm gonna admit and say that this one is actually prettier than mine's lol. 

Jeans: My mum jeans are from Bershka but you can find them anywhere.  I have a problem with these jeans. I lovee them but I got a way too big size and now they look huge on me... So I might go and buy me another pair (in my size this time) but I still love how they look on people and how they can go with a looot of stuff. 

Shoes: Ok, so my shoes are actually from a local shop, but as you can see they look like Adidas's Stan Smith ones or you can find similar ones everywhere now like here or here


For my second outfit, you can see my friend's jacket and boots and the pictures were taken in Poznan.

Jacket: This is my friend's bomber jacket, I think it's from Stradivarius but (as everything so far) you can find it in any shop at the moment 'cause it's so in! Here and Here are some examples of where to find them. It seems so light but It actually covers me more than mine and I looked pretty cool on it (if I do say so myself). 

Shirt: I'm so obsessed with this shirt! everything black, with laces and that look like band tees... GIMME! If a shirt has one (only one!) of these factors, it's like 90% possible that I'm gonna like it. And when I saw this shirt in Stradivarius.... I just fell in love. Here you have it!


Jeans: My all-time go-to clothing, black high waisted jeans. I buy them from Bershka because they're the ones that I find comfy and with accurate size. I'm willing to try new ones tho! 

Shoes: These boots are my friend's too because I thought the would look cooler with the outfit and I just took with me my white sneakers (BAG SPACE) so she let me borrow her boots (friendship goals - I know!). She told me they're fromStradivariuss too so I think they might be this ones, and if they're note, they're really similar haha!

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